Water and the People of Chennai

Water and the People of Chennai


There has been a problem with water in Chennai for a very long time.

  • There is a higher shortage of water in the city, it costs about 500-600 rupees per month.
  • For the resident there has been a water filter system for drinking water.
  • The 2019 Chennai water crisis was a water crisis that happened in India, most notably in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • After getting the situation, the government officials declared the ZERO DAY as there was no water left in the city.
  • The population of Chennai is about 8 million people, around the city of new york.


Water as Part of the Fundamental Right to Life


  • As we all know that water is very essential for life and it’s good for health.
  • Not only is it necessary for us to be able to meet our daily needs but safe drinking water can prevent many water-related diseases.
  • India has one of the largest number of cases of diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera.
  • Over 1,600 Indians, most of them children below the age of five, reportedly die everyday because of water-related diseases. These deaths can be prevented if people have access to safe drinking water.
  • The Constitution of India recognises the right to water as being a part of the Right to Life under Article 21. This means that it is the right of every person, whether rich or poor, to have sufficient amounts of water.
  • In other words, there should be universal access to water.
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