How do New Laws Come About?

How Do New Laws Come About?

  • New laws come about when there is real need in accordance with the time and nature.
  • The parliament of any country plays an important role when the law is in making.
  1. As in India, “SANSAD BHAVAN” plays a major role.
  2. The discussion in both the houses results in the rectification, rule change in law etc.
  3. Thereafter, it results in the law.
  • One of the most important roles of the parliament is to be sensitive to the problems faced by people.
  • The role of citizens is crucial in helping Parliament frame different concerns that people might have into laws.
  • The voice of the citizens can be raised by the TV Debates, Peaceful protests, local meetings etc.
  • All these things with proper and ethical discussions in both the houses of parliament can surely result into the laws which are helpful for the country and development of the nation.
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