Unpopular and Controversial Laws

Unpopular and Controversial Laws


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In the history of every country, there always came a time when their parliament passed a law and it became unpopular.

So here are few points in these regards:

  • Sometimes a law can be constitutionally valid and hence legal, but it can continue to be unpopular and unacceptable to people because they feel that the intention behind it is unfair and harmful.
  • In a democracy like ours, citizens can express their unwillingness to accept repressive laws framed by the Parliament.
  • There comes a time when a large number of people begin to feel that a wrong law has been passed, then there is pressure on the Parliament to change this.
  • We need to remember that the role of citizens does not end with electing representatives. We also have to tell them time by time about the scenarios of the constituency.
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