Sustainability of Development

Sustainable Development:

    • Sustainability of development or simply sustainable development actually refers to the use of natural resources available on earth for development in careful and limited manner in the present in such a way that the next coming generations are not deprived of its benefits and also can have the opportunity to utilize them.
    • Sustainable development stresses on the use of renewable energy.
    • Non-renewable resources are the resources which will get exhausted after a limit of use in the coming years and cannot be renewed or reproduced. Oil and natural gas are popular example.
    • But development through these resources are not sustainable since they are limited.
    • Therefore, we have to explore resources which can be alternative of them and help us sustain our development. They can be groundwater, wind energy, biomass, hydropower and solar energy etc. 

(Wind and Solar Energy; source: and
(Wind and Solar Energy; source: and
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