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Subject Verb Agreement :All in One Lessons on English Grammar

Subject Verb Agreement :

A short Grammatical agreement between the subject and the verb  must in a sentence.

A verb must agree with its subject in number and person.A verb in this sense is made to agree in number with its proper subject.

1. The attitude of modern men is changing fast.

  • The subject-verb agreement in other words means choosing the correct verb after the subject.
    We – are
    He- is
    The cow – eats
    The goat, buffalo and sheep eat.
  • It means if change the above formats into past tense the verbs will be was, were, was, ate, etc.
  • A verb always shapes itself according to the change in time and tense and not the subject.

2. When two or more singular nouns or pronouns joined by ‘and’ require a plural verb when the nouns refer to two things.

Ex. Gold and silver are precious metals.

His father and Mr. Pradhan are two friends.

3. The sentence beginning with dummy subject ‘there’ the verb agrees with logical or real subject.
Ex. There is a temple on the bank of the river.(Here Depend on ‘Temple’)

There are shops along the road.(Here Depend on ‘Shops’)

4. The sentence beginning with ‘it’ is always singular.
Ex. It is working

5. Mathematical expressions usually expressed with a singular verb.
Ex. Four and four makes eight.
Six minus two is four
From times five is twenty

But two fives are ten. (Here two fives are subject)

6. Expressions denoting amount, distance, weight, height or time usually take singular verbs.
Ex. Five lakh rupees is not a small amount.

One hundred and fifty kilos of rice is enough for a month

7. When two or more nouns are combined together to denote a single idea to the same person or thing,the verb used is always singular.

Ex. Time and Tide waits for none
Honour and Glory is his reward

8. Most of the time a collective noun takes a singular verb. but if they refer to separate individuals or things or nouns,we use plural verb.

Our family is rich(Single Unit)

Our family are early risers (Individual members  in the family)

Other similar nouns are committee jury enemy,public,government,audience,community,class,team,flock

9. Some nouns are congenitally singular and take singular verbs .

Ex. Clothing Food Furniture ,Stationary etc.

The furniture is very costly

Some nouns are congenitally plural and take plural verbs .

People, Police ,Poultry Sheep and Deer etc.
 Sheep and Deer are both plural and singular

10. Modifying phrases or clauses following the subject noun do not affect the verb.

  • The verb depend upon the number of persons of the head noun of the subject.

Ex. One of my Relatives lives in England.

My brother, who is an engineer has designed  the bridge.

11. Either (of) , neither (of), none (of), each,everyone  many a, each of, one of must be followed by  a singular verb.

For example: Neither of the hill stations has got a guest house

Many a man does not know his own good deeds

12. When a plural noun is a proper name or title of some single object or some collective unit it must be followed by a singular verb.

The United states is one of the richest countries in the world.

Mumps is caused due to lack of vitamins

13. To indicate that individuals talked about are two different persons, we use the definite article the before each person.

  • If ‘and‘ connects two titles or designations of the same person, the verb is singular.
  • If the persons referred to are separate, and each title and designation is used with ‘the’ then the  verb is plural.

For example:

The Prime Minister and ex-officio Chairman of Planning Commission has declared a mammoth programme on rehabilitation. (Both are same persons)

The Secretary and the head master have met the student.(Both are different)

14. When the subject begins with a fraction, the verb agrees with the noun that following any fraction.

For example:
Two-thirds of the rice has been damaged
Two-third  of the people are literate.

Phrases like a good deal of, a lot of, plenty of,most of, some of, a great deal of take the verb according to the noun that follows these phrases.
A great deal of money is spent …
Most of the members were absent.

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