Test on Class 9th Biology on Fundamental Unit of Life:CELL


Test on Biology For Class 9th SCIENCE

Topic- The Fundamental unit of Life :CELL

  1. How do substance like CO2 and water move in out of the cell? 2
  2. Why is plasma membrane is called selective permeable membrane?    1
  3. Write the difference between animal cell and plant cell? 3
  4. Why is lysosome is called suicide bags of the cell? 2
  5. Draw a neat labelled diagram of Animal cell and label different parts of it? 4
  6. Write down the main function of Endoplasmic Reticulum and Lysosomes? 3
  7. Write a short note on Mitochondria? 2
  8. What is a tissue? 1
  9. What are the function of stomata? 2
  10. Differentiate between Sclerenchyma and Parenchyma? 3
  11. Write the difference between Meristematic tissue and permanent tissue? 3
  12. What is chlorenchyma? 1
  13. Differentiate between Rough ER and Smooth ER? 2
  14. Name two organelle that has their own genetic material? 1

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The Fundamental Unit of Life NCERT Solutions