When Where and How ?

Test on Mediaval India For Class 7th NCERT

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  1. Mediaeval period of indian history Started from which century? 1
  2. Who wrote the epic Rajatarngini? 1
  3. Gulvadan Begum wrote which Book? 1
  4. Who wrote Prithviraj raso? What does it tell about? 1
  5. How India got its name Hindustan? 2
  6. Name few rulers of early Medieval Period? 2
  7. India’s geographical location has had an important role in shaping its history. Discuss? 2
  8. How is travelogue an important literary source? 3
  9. How Archaeological sources help in tracing the history? 3
  10. India’s long coast line has been great advantage to the country. Why? 3
  11. How have coins and inscriptions contributed to our knowledge of history? 3
  12. What were the main changes that took places during the mediaeval period? 4
  13. Write a note on sources from which we derive the past of Medievel India? 4