The Revolt of 1857 Questions for Class 8th

  1. The Revolt against the British started in the year ______
  2. The Revolt started in which city.
  3. Who led the revolt in Awadh?
  4. What was Wahabi movement?
  5. Who was the last Mughal Emperor?
  6. Under whose command did the British army defeat the rebels in Lucknow?
  7. What the Bengal tenancy act of 1859 tried to ensure?
  8. What is Patriotism?
  9. The Revolt in Kanpur was led by whom?
  10. What was the official language in Bengal ,before English became the Official language?
  11. What is Doctrine of Lapse?
  12. Name any four places which were the main centers of Revolt?
  13. Who was the commander of Nana Saheb?
  14. Who became the viceroy of India after the revolt ?
  15. What is Nationalism?

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