1. To exit Powerpoint _____?

(a) Click on the application minimize button (b) Click on the document close button

(c) Double click on the application control menu icon (d) Double click on the document control menu icon

2. Which key on the keyboard can be used to view slide show?

(a) F1 (b) F2 (c) F5 (d) F10

3. Which file format can be added to a Powerpoint show?

(a) .jpg (b) .giv (c) .wav (d) All of these

4. To select one hyperlink after another during a slide presentation, what do you press?

(a) Tab (b) Ctrl + K (c) Ctrl + h (d) All of these

5. You can create a new presentation by completing all of the following except

(a) Clicking the new button on the stand toolbar (b) Clicking file à new (c) Clicking file à open (d) Pressing ctrl + N

6. In the context of animations, what is a trigger?

(a) An action button that advances to the next slide. (b) An item on the slide that performs an action when clicked.

(c) The name of a motion path. (d) All of these

7. Animation Schemes can be applied to _________ in the presentation.

(a) all slides (b) select slide (c) current slide (d) all of the these

8. What is a motion path?

(a) A type of animation entrance effect (b) A method of advancing slides

(c) A method of moving items on a slide (d) All of the above

9. The arrangement of elements such as title and subtitle text, pictures, tables, etc., is called _________

(a) Layout (b) Presentation (c) Design (d) Scheme

10. Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called

(a) effects (b) custom animations (c) transitions (d) present animations

11. The maximum Zoom percentage in Microsoft Powerpoint is

(a) 100% (b) 200% (c) 400% (d) 500%

12. Which pane would be used to enter a speaker’s information about what can be said about each side?

(a) Outline pane (b) Speaker’s pane (c) Notes pane (d) Slide pane

13. A chart can be put as a part of the presentation using

(a) Insert à Pictures à Chart (b) Insert à Chart (c) Edit à Chart (d) View à Chart

14. In Microsoft Powerpoint two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are:

(a) .wav files and .mid files (b) .wav files and .gif files (c) .wav files and .jpg files (d) .jpg files and .gif files

15. Which of the following is a category found in Custom Animation?

(a) Master Slide (b) Design Templates (c) Entrance (d) Transition

16. What is the term used when you press and hold the left mouse key and move the mouse around the slide?

(a) Highlighting (b) Dragging (c) Selecting (d) Moving

17. When presenting a chart in a Powerpoint presentation, it is useful to mention the following:

(a) Explain what the chart is about. (b) Explain what values and units are used on both the X and Y-axes.

(c) Explain what each colour in the legend represents. (d) All of the above

18. Which option can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides but presented in a different order?

(a) Rehearsal (b) Custom Slide show (c) Slide show Setup (d) Slide Show View

19. In MS PowerPoint 2010, Reveal, Honeycomb, Ripple, Shred, Ferris Wheel, etc., are all types of ________.

(a) Custom animations (b) slide transitions (c) smart art designs (d) slide designs

20. In the Animations gallery, entrance effects icons are ______ coloured and exit effects icons are _______ coloured in MS PowerPoint 2010.

(a) green, red (b) red, green (c) red, yellow (d) green, yellow

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