Computer Software -4

Computer Mock Test For SSC Exams


Computer Software -4

Test Duration: 30 Minutes

Total Marks: 50


  • This Test Is Designed To Assess Your Knowledge Of Computer Fundamentals, Basic Software Applications, And Computer Terminology.
  • There Are A Total Of 50 Questions In This Test.
  • Each Question Is Worth 1 Marks.
  • There Is No Negative Marking For Incorrect Answers, So Attempt All Questions.
  • Do Not Use Any External Resources Or Refer To Any Study Material During The Test.
  • Please Read Each Question Carefully Before Selecting Your Answer.
  • Click On The Circle Next To Your Chosen Answer To Mark It.
  • After You Have Completed The Test, Click The “Submit” Button To Receive Your Score.
  • You May Not Go Back To Previous Questions Once You Have Moved To The Next One.
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